The largest concentration of mammals is in the Postberg Reserve, but this is only open to public during flower season. Mammals that are found throughout the park include eland, red hartbees, Cape grysbok, caracal and rock hyrax (commonly know as a dassie). Visitors should also keep an eye on the Atlantic Ocean for passing whales (mostly southern right whales) and dolphins.

The park offers habitat to many mammals, although it is sometimes difficult to see them in the thick strandveld vegetation for which the park is known. Two small antelope, the common duiker and steenbok, are however often spotted at the road edge. Striped mouse, bush karoo rat, small grey mongoose, steenbok, cape grysbok, scrub hare, bontebok and caracal are amongst those that you might see during your visit.

When driving be on the look out for angulated tortoises that cross the road. Besides the common mole snake, there are healthy populations of Cape Cobra and puffadder in the park.