Duinepos, West Coast National Park, Langebaan, 7357

Things to do around Duinepos


Birders flock from all over the world to visit the West Coast National Park, a birding spot of note.

Over 250 bird species have been recorded in the park. There is a good chance that, during your visit, you might spot a few rare migrant species given the diversity of habitats here.

Be on the lookout for the African penguin, Cape gannet, bank cormorant, crowned cormorant, lesser flamingo, black harrier and the African black oystercatcher.

Several bird hides (including the ones at Geelbek and Abrahamskraal) have been constructed from where you can see and photograph birds. The best time to observe the lagoon waders is to visit the Geelbek hide as the tide is coming in. Start early in the morning to ensure good birding. Make sure to pack your hat, binoculars and checklist for some world renowned birding.

For more information about birding in the park, visit the West Coast National Park. You can also download the birder’s checklist here.

Find the Sanparks activity map  here


Various hiking routes depart from Duinepos. Pack your hiking boots, sunblock and hat. We will show you the way.

Find hiking maps on these sites

West Coast National Park Hiking Map • Geelbek Educational Hiking Map


Kayaking is the best way to explore the beautiful Langebaan Lagoon. Bring your own or rent one.

Kitesurf enthusiasts also flock to the lagoon. Spend your break kitesurfing or learning how to.

For more kitesurfing information visit

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Whale watching

Every winter, southern right whales arrive at the South African coast to mate, socialise and give birth. During the months of August and September, visitors to the park are treated to magnificent displays by southern right whales passing our shores.

These beautiful creatures can be viewed as they swim along the coastline in the Tsaarsbank section of the park.


Our terrain is a haven where kids can play uninterrupted for hours amongst the fynbos. Duinepos and surrounds offers many opportunities for discovering nature through play.

Picnic and braai sites

Enjoy a relaxing day at the beach with family and friends. Kraalbaai’s beach provides the perfect peaceful setting for having a picnic or braai with the entire family.

Take a drive further north to the Tsaarsbank section of the park while looking out for whales swimming along the coastline (during August and September).

West Coast Fossil Park

The West Coast Fossil Park is just a short drive away. It is world-renowned for its exceptionally well-preserved fossil remains of sabre-tooth cats and many other exotic animals that lived along the West Coast about 5 million years ago.

For more visit West Coast Fossil Park

Wine and dine at Geelbek

Geelbek Restaurant, situated a short walk or drive from Duinepos, offers unique West Coast and South African cuisine.

This popular and well-known restaurant is situated near the Langebaan Lagoon in the old Geelbek main house. This Cape Dutch building is a National Monument and was built in 1744.

San spirit shared

Visit !Khwa ttu, a San education and culture centre not too far from Duinepos. Go on a San guided tour.

To find our more visit !Khwattu