Green Philosophy

Duinepos recycling

At Duinepos we are really serious about people and the environment. What started out as a community development – and black empowerment tourism project has since grown into a worthy, socially responsible business. Our staff members are passionate about social responsibility and ecotourism that benefits the local community.

We have a deep respect for the earth and take pride in our “green” credentials. Given our setting in the West Coast National Park we are particularly mindful of our effect on the environment. We do our bit to tread lightly on the planet and are committed to the development of responsible tourism in our region.

At Duinepos we have integrated our approach toward sustainability and responsible tourism in every aspect of our business. Sand bag building methods have for instance been used for the building of some of our chalets. This building method, incorporated into our structural elements, has a lower environmental impact than modern building methods.

We have also introduced measures for efficient water use. At Duinepos we are committed to not wasting or polluting this precious regional resource. Housekeeping uses non-toxic cleaning agents and laundry detergents to wash our visitors’ linen. Our chalets only have shower facilities as it is more water efficient to shower than to bath.

The terrain at Duinepos was also designed in a water efficient way, using endemic plants for landscaping. We have also put in place an on-site recycling system for visitors. We believe that these choices, as well as those of our visitors, can contribute in a small way to better the state of our natural environment.